Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy
If you book a Flexible fare, Tucan Kin will accept any cancellation made as long as there is at least 3 hours notice.
The сancellation must be made via our website "edit reservation" or by sending an email to tucankin@gmail.com which will be confirmed by us.
If you do not receive an email from Tucan Kin confirming the cancellation we have not received it. In this case please call + 52 984 1291575.If your fare is not Refundable you can only change dates but you can not receive any refund in any case

Fees and Refunds
Airport Pick up
A cancellation fee of 60 USD will be applied for cancelling a booking with less than 3 hours' notice. If you miss your connecting flight or if your flight has been cancelled, please let us know ASAP, there won't be any charge appplied, however we need you to notify us on the change.
Hotel Pick up
Full price will be charged if the passenger does not show up for pre-paid journeys. 60 USD will be charged for cancellation of a booking with less than 3 hours' notice. All other circumstances where a refund may be possible should be addressed directly with Tucan Kin customer services.

Amendment Policy
Any amendment must be made via an email or by telephone to us. The amendment will be confirmed by an email you receive from us. Amendments must not be made with your driver. No fee will be applied for amendments made with at least 3 hours notice.

Waiting Time at Hotel Pick up
We do not charge for the 1st 15 minutes waiting time. Waiting time charges start once the 1st 15 minutes have passed at 20 USD per 30 minutes pro rata from the scheduled pick up time.

Limits of Responsibilities
Tucan Kin does not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights for whatever reason i.e. traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions, road blocks caused by social movements, security forces' deployments or any unforeseen circumstances. Equally, Tucan Kin is not responsible further than what our own insurance covers for any damages on luggage caused by accidents, extreme climate conditions or by accidental opening of the luggage compartment.
We advise passengers to plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure to allow for possible unpredicted delays en route to the airport.
Tucan Kin will not take responsibility for any passengers missing their flight if two hours check in time was not allowed.
You are free of course to arrange to get to the airport for a time of less than 2 hours prior to flight departure, however Tucan Kin accepts no responsibility for any missed flight due to this.
You are responsible for checking that the details received in the e-mail confirming your booking are correct.
No costs are to be refunded to any passengers who do not wait for their driver at the confirmed pick up time and take alternative transport.
If your flight has any serious delays please inform us as soon as possible.
Tucan Kin use their own vehicles whenever possible. Third party companies are only used in case of emergency.

Left behind Items
Tucan Kin is not liable for lost items left behind in the vehicle by a customer. However, we want to help customers reunite with lost items whenever possible. If an item is lost, we recommend to immediately contact customer service at + 52 984 871 35 38.

Travelling with Children
Tucan Kin provides car seats for up to 2 children without any extra charge. For third or more car seats we charge 10 USD for each additional seat.

Pets are permitted with advance reservations. All pets must be kennelled. Pets less than 25 pounds may be held in a lap carrier. All pets must be properly secured within the carrier at all times.